The goal of the IKAEF (International Kali Arnis Eskrima Federation) is to promote and share Filipino Martial Arts around the world. We offer a technically structured educational program for anyone who would like to develop skill sets, improve their background and in-depth knowledge in Filipino Martial Arts.

The IKAEF program is also available to organizations, clubs and Instructors of other martial arts who would like to add a weapon-based art to their portfolio. You can become a certified Instructor, recognized, supported and promoted by the IKAEF. By this you become an international leader in Filipino Martial Arts education.

For instructors and students who would like to attain further knowledge in the Filipino Martial Arts, we offer you the opportunity to train and work with some of the most prominent Filipino Martial Arts Instructors in the world. Discover the traditional fighting methods of the Philippines with Cinco Tero, Doce Pares, Filipino Combatives, Inayan Eskrima, Kali De Mano, Warrior Eskrima, and Kali Sikaran.

Our main focus is to help you gain knowledge and improve your skill level. We invite you to enrich your personal training and that of your students with the IKAEF. 

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