What is the true meaning of black belt?

Once a student of martial arts was kneeling before his master, to perform the ceremony to receive his black belt, which was obtained with much sweat. After many years of relentless training, the student had finally come to what commonlyis said to be the culmination of a martial discipline. „Before you take the belt, you need to pass another test,“ says Sensei. „I’m ready,“ responds the student, expecting perhaps one final battle. „You have to answer an essential question: What is the true meaning of black belt?“ „The end of my journey,“ says the student. „A deserved reward for my dedication, recognition of my training.“ Sensei wait a few minutes, demonstrated that he is not satisfied with the answer. So, Sensei says: „You are not ready to receive the black belt. Come back in a year. “ 
After another year, the student kneels again in front of the Sensei. „What is the true meaning of black belt?“. Question Sensei. „It is the symbol of excellence, is the highest level that can be achieved in our art,“says the student. The Sensei is silent, waiting for an addition to the response. Finally, he says.“You’re still not ready for the black belt. Come back in a year. “ 
A year later the student kneels again in front of the Sensei. And again the sensei asks: „What is the true meaning of black belt.“ „The black belt represents the beginning, the beginning of a never-ending journey of discipline, work and pursuit of perfection not only technical but also the character,“ says the student. „Now you are ready to receive the black belt and begin your training.“ Says the Master.

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